Since 2016, #CONNECTICLUB has been supporting individuals and businesses in the achievement of their work and life goals. We have come a long way from there, staying faithful to our values, among which are also inclusivity and equality within diversity.

We are building a #COMMUNITY of members who connect, forming collaborations and friendships regardless of their origin, ethnicity and beliefs. All it takes to achieve that is exploring common interests!

Active in several social causes and supporting the fight against discrimination, we believe we should all learn to celebrate diversity, and help people connect on a level that goes beyond prejudice, treasuring their differences and the added value they can bring.

We dream of a society where everyone can feel comfortable being themselves and being accepted by others. The social cause #IAMDIFFERENT is an indistinct message of love and acceptance.

There is no single definition of “Diversity”. Everyone is free to show their uniqueness in the way they appear, think, their beliefs, what they fight for, their nationality and origin. But surely we all have one thing in common: We are all different!

One of the way that can help us spread our message is involving as many people as possible in a media campaign. Is this cause close to you and your beloved? Feel free to join!

All it takes is posting your message, video or photo an your interpretation of what diversity means to you, how you live it, why you are different or what you do differently from others. There are endless beautiful messages and topics you could cover. Just use the hashtag #IAMDIFFERENT in your post and tag #CONNECTICLUB on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram!

Without our community our voice is not loud enough. But united, our message will spread wide and loud, striving to bring positive change towards the future we dream of.



Are you a skilled professional eager to connect with other like-minded individuals? At CONNECTICLUB, we specialize in bringing together entrepreneurs, growing businesses, and startups within a dynamic local community for mutual support and growth. Our mission is two-fold: to create powerful connections that enable diverse skills to thrive together, providing a fertile ground for innovation and success, and to collaborate directly with our members to find trustworthy and effective solutions for everyone involved.

At every step of the way, CONNECTICLUB is there to assist. Our services range from detailed business consulting and strategic planning to relocation assistance, innovative marketing solutions, and technical assistance. We help businesses and startups navigate the complexities of launching and scaling their ventures. Leveraging our in-house expertise and strategic partnerships, we deliver the best outcomes customized to each client’s needs. We believe in the power of working together, constantly seeking new ways to collaborate and support our clients, fostering a thriving and welcoming business community.

Join us at CONNECTICLUB, where a commitment to cooperation, innovation, and shared growth are at the heart of what we do, turning business ideas into winning projects and startups into flourishing businesses.

art community


Welcome to our vibrant art community, where artists from all backgrounds and styles come together to showcase their talent and creativity. Our mission is simple: to provide a way for artists to gain visibility and recognition for their work while fostering collaboration and community spirit.
At our center, we offer artists the opportunity to display their paintings in our physical space, allowing their artwork to be seen by a wider audience. Additionally, we feature their creations on our Instagram page, extending their reach even further in our digital community.
But our partnership goes beyond just showcasing artwork. We’re open to working with artists on various projects and initiatives. Whether it’s organizing painting and crafting workshops or exploring other creative endeavors together, we’re excited about the possibilities of collaboration and creating something meaningful together.
Whether you’re an artist seeking exposure or an art enthusiast eager to connect with like-minded individuals, our art community is the ideal place for you. Join us in celebrating creativity, diversity, and the joy of artistic expression.


Welcome to our dynamic sports community, where fitness enthusiasts and sports lovers come together to engage in a variety of physical activities and pursuits! Our mission is to create a space where individuals can explore different sports, maintain an active lifestyle, and connect with like-minded people. We offer more than just a place for physical activity; our community is built on collaboration and shared experiences.

We invite sports teachers, fitness instructors, and anyone passionate about indoor sports to join our group. Whether you’re a teacher looking for a venue to host your sports classes, a fitness instructor eager to share your expertise, or simply someone aiming to stay active and meet new friends, our sports community provides the ideal setting. Join us in celebrating the joy of staying active together

Sport Community


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